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Filler dissolver (hyaluronidase)’DESTROYED MY FACE’

In this video, Dr. Gavin Chan investigates why dissolving filler with hyaluronidase gets such a low rating on There are many claims that this filler reversal agent causes the destruction of normal tissue. However, without it, we may become ‘stuck’ with filler problems.

0:00 Introduction to hyaluronidase
1:30 5 expert doctors to provide evidence
2:52 Reversing a case of filler-induced blindness
5:23 The rise of overfilled faces
6:27 Lip filler migration
7:41 The longevity of ‘temporary’ fillers
9:06 ‘Stuck’ with tear trough filler
10:42 Why 42% rating on
11:36 What happens when you dissolve the overfilled?
12:28 A psychological issue or a real one?
13:29 ‘Insider information’ on hyaluronidase from a surgeon
16:21 Does human hyaluronic acid regenerate after dissolver?
19:20 Conclusion

Thank you to Dr. Angelo Tsirbas, Dr. Steven Harris, Dr. Kami Parsa, Dr. Ben Talei, and Dr. Gabriela Casabona for providing expert evidence on this situation.

Also, we hope this video helps those who are considering having filler or hyaluronidase, and we hope to prevent further problems such as those seen on the reviews of hyaluronidase.


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