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Fear VS Anxiety (and Should You Cure Your Fear?)

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What are the actual differences between fear vs anxiety, and should you cure your fear?

It’s important to understand the difference of fear vs anxiety from the mental health perspective. In this video, Dr. Kristy Lamb shares her extensive knowledge on anxiety disorders (as well as low grade anxious thoughts) and explains the difference between fear vs anxiety and whether you should cure your fear.

She also shares important information on how to overcome fear and how to deal with anxiety by noticing your fear, attuning to your fear and anxiety, regulating your fear and anxiety, and truly understanding how they can even be healthy emotions in some scenarios.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Should fear be cured?
00:48 What to do instead
01:03 Anxiety vs Fear
02:52 Can you have one without the other?
03:34 How fear & anxiety affect the body
04:15 Can you have “good” fear at work?
05:41 “Good” fear vs “bad” fear
09:22 “This is not a purification process”

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