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EVERYTHING You Need To Know About the Narcissist [MedCircle Masterclass]

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Discover everything you need to know on narcissism basics, narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) vs self confidence vs borderline personality disorder (BPD), causes of narcissism (nature vs nurture), how to deal with a narcissist, This is your narcissism masterclass.

00:00 Why narcissism is the secondhand smoke of mental health
11:13 PART 2: Narcissistic personality disorder VS narcissism
32:50 PART 3: Are narcissists born or made?
48:57 PART 4: The 7 signs of narcissism
59:31 PART 5: How to cope with narcissistic abuse
01:15:50 PART 6: Can narcissism be treated?

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