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Escalate or Grind On? Russian Ops in Ukraine Update for September 14, 2022

Update for Russian military operations in Ukraine for September 14, 2022

– Ukraine’s recent offensive in Kherson remains stalled;

– Ukraine’s advance into Kharkov took place with an absence of Russian forces present;

– Ukraine’s offensive in Kharkov has slowed down as Ukrainian forces meet larger concentrations of Russian and local militia forces;

– Russia hitting Ukrainian electrical infrastructure may signal an escalation beyond its special military operation;

– Ukraine may still launch yet another offensive operation, but likely toward directions with significantly more Russian troops than Kharkov;

– Rumors persist that Russia is receiving drones from Iran and artillery shells and rockets from North Korea – if true it would enable Russia to either increase the intensity of their operation in Ukraine, or extend it for a longer duration;


Washington Post – Wounded Ukrainian soldiers reveal steep toll of Kherson offensive:
The New York Times – The Critical Moment Behind Ukraine’s Rapid Advance:

CNN – The rot runs deep in the Russian war machine. Ukraine is exposing it for all to see:
War on the Rocks – Ukraine’s Kharkhiv Operation and the Russian Military’s Black Week:

Ukraine’s Kharkhiv Operation and the Russian Military’s Black Week

Ukrinaian Telegram Channel “Legitimniy” Post on Kharkov (translated): Original:
BBC – Ukraine war: What will Russia’s losses mean for Putin?:
Guardian – Russia-Ukraine war live: Russia ‘almost certainly’ getting weapons from Iran and North Korea; Kyiv aims to consolidate gains (LIVE Blog):
Guardian – ‘What is Berlin afraid of?’ Ukraine presses Germany for more military kit:
CNN – Russia’s retreat in Ukraine won’t save Europe from recession this winter:
Washington Post – Iran sends first shipment of drones to Russia for use in Ukraine:
New York Times – Russia Is Buying North Korean Artillery, According to U.S. Intelligence:

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