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Eating Local Food in China | VHS Family Vlog

Eating local food in China: what do we typically eat on an average day in China? In this next video we cover local Chinese food in Shenzhen, covering the kinds of meals we usually eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sure, you can eat Italian, Mexican, Turkish, Japanese food and whatever your heart desires – expect Yorkshire puddings 🙁 – in a big city like Shenzhen, but the choices are overwhelmingly Chinese of course, so in this video we eschew the foreign foods and keep it local!

Eating out in China is a common experience, and not just for special occasions – and that often includes breakfast – and it is for sure one of the most pleasing things about living in Mainland China. So, join us on a little food tour of Shenzhen, where we show you the dishes we like the best and commonly eat, from delicious tasting cucumber to the best BBQ in town.

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