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Dropout Presents Trailer [Exclusive Specials Series]

Get ready for Dropout Presents, a new series of live recorded comedy specials, ranging from stand-up to improv to solo performances, starting summer 2024!

The first slate of specials will include:
Hank Green: Pissing Out Cancer
Adam Conover: Unmedicated
Bigger! with Brennan & Izzy (featuring Brennan Lee Mulligan and Isabella Roland)
The Big Team (featuring Ify Nwadiwe, Carl Tart, Zeke Nicholson, Lamar Woods, Ronnie Adrian, and Ishmel Sahid)
From Ally to Zacky (featuring Ally Beardsley, Zac Oyama, Jacob Wysocki, Talia Tabin, Oscar Montoya, Victoria Longwell, Kimia Behpoornia, and Devin Field)
Chris Grace: As Scarlett Johansson
Courtney Pauroso: Vanessa 5000

Directed by Jonah Ray Rodrigues and shot at beloved Los Angeles venues Dynasty Typewriter (Hank Green), The Elysian (Bigger!, The Big Team, From Ally to Zacky, Courtney Pauroso: Vanessa 5000, and Chris Grace: As Scarlett Johansson), and The Nocturne Theater (Adam Conover), each special will be accompanied by a behind-the-scenes featurette to give viewers an intimate look at the performers’ respective processes in preparing for their live specials.

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