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‘Don’t disturb me, please’ – Polish PM Morawiecki clashes with EP vice pres over speaking time

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki got into a heated discussion with Second Vice President of the European Parliament Pedro Silva Pereira over the issue of permitted speaking times, during an address to the chamber in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

Pereira interrupted Morawiecki regarding his alotted speaking time saying “prime minister, please, you have to conclude.” The Polish PM shot back: “Sorry chairman I was told by the office of David Sassoli that I was allocated 30-35 minutes so I will use my time.”

“I’m coming to my end, but don’t disturb me, please,” he added before continuing his speech amid the sound of applause.

Following the end of the address Pereira sought to clarify matters saying: “we will take note that I was extremely flexible regarding the allocated time so that nobody can say that you didn’t have time enough to give explanations to the European Parliament. But the respect of the allocated time is also a way of showing respect for this house of the European democracy.”

His remarks were met with a loud round of applause by members of parliament.

In his address, Morawiecki stressed the importance of Poland’s membership of the EU amid major disagreement with the bloc’s leadership over issues related to the rule of law, saying he wanted the relationship to be a “win-win situation for all.”

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