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DojaCat Got COVID-19 After Mocking People That Were Afraid Of It

DojaCat Got COVID-19 After Mocking People That Were Afraid Of It
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Now I’m not sure if it’s karma, murphy’s law, possibly poor decision, or maybe just bad luck. Either way, it seems that a lot of people who have this mentality that the pandemic really isn’t that serious, or doesn’t exist at all, tend to eventually contract it. Now I can’t say across the board that’s the case, but I’ve heard stories of people denying it, and then their parents getting it. There’s also people who downplay it, and actually mock those fearing the severity of it, only for them to learn the hard way this is no joke. It seems that is the case with Doja Cat, who back in March had some choice words for people fearing the virus. In fact, it almost seemed as if she challenged the virus, and it was certainly up for that challenge, as Doja recently confirmed that she tested positive for Covid.

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