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Common Allergy Myths BUSTED

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Part I:
Part II of my interview with Dr. Dave Stukus (Pediatric Allergist & Immunologist). Here we cover new ground on:

Hypoallergenic Dogs: 0:30
Treating Allergies: 1:32
Benadryl Can Be Dangerous: 3:25
Milk Causes Mucus: 5:52
Food Journals: 6:50
Oral Allergy Syndrome: 7:43
Parents and Children as Patients: 9:54
Infants and Milk Allergies: 11:39
Preventing Peanut & Other Allergies: 14:07
Growing Out Of Asthma: 18:32
Supplements to CURE allergies: 19:33
Mistakes Primary Care Doctors Make: 22:10
Overuse Of Blood Tests for Allergies: 22:25
Immune Boosting Supplements: 24:20
How Vaccines Work: 25:00
Egg Allergy With The Flu Shot: 26:54
Penicillin Allergy: 29:27
I have a Penicillin RASH: 32:00

Dr. Dave Stukus Contact info:

700 Children’s Dr
Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 722-4404

If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you’d like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! – Doctor Mike Varshavski

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