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China’s Technological Edge, Ukraine’s Insurmountable Odds, Tensions in Korea, & NATO Posturing

In my recent discussion with Garland Nixon and Dr. Wilmer Leon we discuss:

– Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro which includes chips possibly made indigenously in China represents China’s growing technological edge despite extreme measures by the US & its allies to arrest its development;

– Ukraine’s failing offensive is just the visual manifestation of much greater fundamental odds it and its Western sponsors cannot overcome, particularly in terms of military industrial output;

– Tension on the Korean Peninsula is the result of the United States attempting to create yet another proxy conflict like in Ukraine against Russia, but this time across Asia against China;

– NATO exercises meant to intimidate Russia are more posturing than any actual serious message. Posturing without the military industrial capacity to sustain the type of warfare required to defeat Russia is meaningless;

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