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CBC’s The National VS Daniel Dumbrill (Full Interview)

On January 29th 2022 the CBC interviewed me for their flagship news program “The National”. The premise of the piece was investigating “influencers” working on Chinese State influence campaigns. I was the only “suspect” they interviewed. Having the chance to set the record straight, and also use it as a chance to finally allow the CBC’s audience to hear a perspective they’ve not yet been able to hear was an opportunity to big to pass up. Long suspecting their imbalanced and dishonest coverage is intentional, I knew going in that the most likely outcome would be that the CBC’s audience would not be given an opportunity to hear anything meaningful from my interview, I’d be cut completely, or I’d be severely cut out of context to make it sound like I was saying something I was not, which is exactly what they did.

As Canadians become more and more concerned with the CBC’s honesty, but still buy into mainstream media lies about China, using this interview while comparing it up against their final product serves as an excellent lesson and illustration to prove that you are also constantly being lied to about China.

The CBC staffers working on this dishonest hit piece were Steven D’Souza, Sameer Chhabra and Michelle Song. Their final report, where they used only 3.5 seconds of our interview to fit into their narrative, can be found here:

My full detailed teardown and response on the full extent of the kinds of deceit and dishonesty they used to build this report can be found here:

Report Debunking ASPI’s Forced Labour Report:

Here is the Al Jazeera video talking about dishonest framing on China related media stories that I mentioned to Steven:

My original video meant to accompany the CBC interview, titled “Critical “Uyghur Genocide” Questions: A CBC Interview Follow-up”, a good starting point to start asking yourself the questions required to begin understanding how illogical the “genocide” narrative is:


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