Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Security guard leaps over barrier to rescue toddler from escalator in China

A security guard at a train station in central China's Hubei province was filmed leaping over a barrier in the nick of time, before...

The Heat: China's white paper on poverty alleviation

China releases a new report to share its experience of eliminating extreme poverty. To discuss, tonight's panel includes Einar Tangen, a political and economic...

U.S. vlogger explains how Western media foment anti-Asian hate crimes

The videos and images of a 76-year-old Asian woman pitifully crying with a bruised eye after being assaulted by a white man in San...

China's auto industry accelerates toward unmanned era

Going smart. 5G, robots, autonomous operation... China's auto industry is on the fast track toward a new level of industrial transformation. Follow us to...

UN calls for sanctions saying Myanmar military "murdered" at least 70 since coup

"미얀마, 최소 70명 숨져…사망자 절반은 25세 이하" A UN human rights expert says "crimes against humanity" are being committed in Myanmar. He told the...

Zoe Tay, Stef Sun and more attend Louis Vuitton's fashion show in Singapore | CNA Lifestyle

On Mar 23, the stars came out in full force for Louis Vuitton's Women's Spring/Summer 2021 Spin-Off show at the ArtScience Museum. For good...

Pencils and a tea box: makeshift ‘violins’ help underprivileged music students during the pandemic

The not-for-profit Music Children Foundation has been offering free music programmes since 2013 to about 5000 underprivileged Hong Kong youths. Among ... source

Listen to a Canadian's perspective on the truth of 'genocide' in Xinjiang

Daniel Dumbrill, a Canadian YouTuber, recently shared his thoughts on accusations of "genocide" in China's Xinjiang. In a video conference, he said a ... source

GLOBALink | Blockchain powers China-Europe rail trade

Blockchain is being used to boost trade through the China-Europe freight train routes, which have contributed significantly to simplify procedures, lowering ... source

Let's see the Chinese paper-cut made by a boy | CCTV English

The boy likes paper-cut very much and also shows us how to make moon cakes. #MyEncounterswithChina. source

U.S. pauses use of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine

For more: U.S. health authorities ... source

Authorities suspend traffic in Suez Canal as Ever Given ship remains lodged

수에즈 운하 잠정 중단... 원상복귀하려면 몇 주 걸릴 수도 있어... The Suez Canal Authority temporarily suspended traffic through the Southern Canal, as a ... source
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We hate the CCP but love Chinese people is bullsh*t ⎮ A question for ADV China

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TESLA being CRUSHED by China's Mini EV

SAIC Motor Company and GM are producing the Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV and it is taking over the EV world. This little 4...


Antenor Lopes, delegado diretor da Polícia Civil, explica as investigações do caso Henry que levaram à prisão do vereador Dr. Jairinho e Monique Medeiros. source