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Tiniest Tiger Cub Is A Wild Man Now | The Dodo Little But Fierce

For the love of animals. Pass it on. #thedodo #animals #dog #cat #kitten #puppy. source

Stray, Three-Legged Cat Who Spent 9 Winters Outside Has His Own Fireplace Now | The Dodo Cat Crazy

Nine years ago, this stray, three-legged cat walked into a man's kitchen asking to be loved. He was afraid of people by nature but...

Service Dog Wasn't Playful — Until He Met His Kitten Sister | The Dodo Odd Couples

Dog has the biggest smile whenever his kitten sister rides on his back Keep up with Samson & Cleo on Instagram: Introducing ... source

Pitiful Animals | Rescue The Little Dog Abandoned By Its Owner Wandering The Roadside And Loneliness

pitiful animals | rescue the little dog abandoned by its owner wandering the roadside and loneliness Hello friends Have a nice day and have...

Watch This Woman Convince Guy To Give Her His Chained-Up Dog And Puppies | The Dodo Faith = Restored

When a woman heard about a man who was keeping a mama dog and her puppies chained up in his backyard, she rushed over...

Injured mother dog and seven puppies rescued under an abandoned house | Animal Rescue 2020

This is the heartwarming moment an injured mother dog and seven puppies were rescued after being trapped under an abandoned house. Locals called the...
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Antenor Lopes, delegado diretor da Polícia Civil, explica as investigações do caso Henry que levaram à prisão do vereador Dr. Jairinho e Monique Medeiros. source

U.S., China top officials exchange barbed exchanges ahead of meeting in Alaska

미중, 알래스카서 고위급 회담 출발부터 강대강…"中 질서 위협" vs "美인권이 최저" We start with the tense start to a two-day meeting between senior officials...

Myanmar's army releases more than 600 protesters

More than 600 activists have been released from prison in Myanmar. After weeks of demonstrations, the streets were deserted on Mar 24 as protesters...

Chinese grandmother braids over 140 hairstyles for great-granddaughter

An 88-year-old grandmother from central China's Henan province has braided over 140 hairstyles for her great-granddaughter, Yue Yue. When the braids are ... source