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The Principles of Sanding Wood | Ask This Old House

In this video, Ask This Old House general contractor, Tom Silva explains just why he enjoys sanding so much and how it gets him...

How To Fix a Leaking Frost Proof Faucet | DIY Plumbing

How To Fix a Leaking Frost Proof Faucet can save you money. This is a great DIY project. Fixing a valve and repairing a...

Copper Plumbing – Viega ProPress vs. Soldered

Follow along with Viega and Rigid on their YouTube Channels and Instagram accounts! Viega - YouTube Channel - Instagram ... source

How to AVOID LEAKS Like a Plumbing Pro | Plumbing 101

How to AVOID LEAKS Like a Plumbing Pro | Plumbing 101 Joining pipes in plumbing is super common, but are You doing it the...

RR Buildings Tool Trailer Tour – a few surprises here!

Huge thanks to our Show sponsors Polywall, Huber, Dorken Delta, Prosoco, Rockwool & Viewrail for helping to make these videos possible! These are all...

Touring a First Period Home | This Old House

Kevin O'Connor tours a restored 17th Century house. SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: Kevin O'Connor visits a reproduction ... source

Plumber Reacts to FUNNY PLUMBING on Reddit

Plumber Reacts to r/plumbing on Reddit - Y'all Are Awesome! Today we are going through my subreddit RogerWakefieldPosts and Reacting to FUNNY and ... source

How to Drill for Geothermal Energy | This Old House

Richard Trethewey discusses geothermal energy at the North Shore site as drilling begins. SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: source

How to GROW Your Plumbing Business on INSTAGRAM from a PRO

How to GROW Your Plumbing Business on INSTAGRAM from a PRO, with Kamelia Britton. Growing a plumbing company on social media can be hard....

ASK This Old House | Ductless Humidifier, Planters (S18 E4) FULL EPISODE

Tom explains the uses and purposes of different types of screws; Richard travels to Park City, Utah to install a whole house ductless humidifier;...

BIGGEST Building – LOWEST Cost – How does RR Buildings Build?

Go Subscribe to RRBuildings YouTube Channel - On this fun episode, Matt makes it all the way up to Franklin Gove, IL in...

This Old House | Raise a Second Story (S41 E4) | FULL EPISODE

The gambrel roof profiles are pre-assembled and raised. Then the crew stands up the second floor walls. Three new apprentices arrive as part of...
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My parents tried CHINESE BBQ 烧烤 for the first time!!!

Chinese bbq (shaokao 烧烤)is probably the most famous and popular street food in China! I thought it was about time I took my parents...

We hate the CCP but love Chinese people is bullsh*t ⎮ A question for ADV China

In this video, I challenge the true meaning of this particular phrase ADV China and many of their followers likes to use: We hate...

TESLA being CRUSHED by China's Mini EV

SAIC Motor Company and GM are producing the Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV and it is taking over the EV world. This little 4...


Antenor Lopes, delegado diretor da Polícia Civil, explica as investigações do caso Henry que levaram à prisão do vereador Dr. Jairinho e Monique Medeiros. source