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Canada: Police operation seizes gasoline reserves from ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Ottawa

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The Canadian police have arrested several persons and reportedly seized 3,200 litres (704 gallons) of fuel stored at the parking lot of the Baseball Stadium of Ottawa on Sunday, in a crackdown operation against the trucker mobilisation being held in the centre of the city.
Armed police officers and firefighters are intending to seize all supplies of fuel, as well as other materials, intended to support the trucker blockade in Ottawa which has lasted now ten days. The police announced on Twitter they would arrest anyone caught supplying the truckers material.
Around 100 tickets are said to be issued against people involved in the trucker blockade, due to noise pollution, illegal parking, use of fireworks, and not following street signals, among other reasons.
The ‘Freedom Convoy’ of Truckers from all over Canada started on January 27 with the aim of reaching Ottawa to block the capital until the COVID-19 vaccine mandates are lifted.
Since then, some of the protesters have been relocated out of the city, but many more remain blocking the streets of Ottawa.

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