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Canada: “Go home!” – Counter-protesters call for end of “freedom convoy” in Ottawa

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Counter-protesters gathered at Ottawa City Hall on Saturday afternoon to demand an end to the so-called ‘freedom convoy’ that has been blocking the city with COVID-19 regulations protests.

Hundreds of people gathered to face the weeklong trucker’s protest and demand an end of the ‘occupation’ with signs that read ‘Vaccines save lives’ and ‘go home’ chants.

“These trucks are blocking the intersections. Police can’t do their jobs. And, like, seeing what police response has been to previous protests, the fact that they’re not taking actions now means they’re very complicit,” said one of the protesters.

Ottawa police officers were deployed to keep both protests apart.

The truckers rallying in Canada’s capital are mainly protesting the recent requirement for drivers to be vaccinated or face testing and quarantine restrictions, along with the general COVID-19 regulations in place, such as wearing face masks.

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