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Canada: ‘Freedom convoy’ continues despite Ontario declaring state of emergency

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Truckers and demonstrators of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ continued protesting COVID vaccine requirements, in Ottawa, on Friday, after Ontario declared a state of emergency.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford threatened heavy penalties against those that impede the movement of goods and people, after protesters have been blocking a cross-border bridge between the US and Canada.

“I would ask all those who are serving officers to go to our website, take a look at our mission statement, you will find there that everything we do is completely legal,” said a protester. “There is nothing heavy and I would urge them to join us, to join us in this fight against tyranny.”

Protesters have been blocking the centre of the Canadian capital with hundreds of vehicles since January 28. The movement opposes a policy forcing unvaccinated travellers – including truckers – to quarantine upon entering Canada. Truckers were previously exempt from the requirement.

Similar demonstrations have been held in the US, France, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand.

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