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Home Homes Home Improvement Can We Find the Sewer Leak?! - Isolation Test AND Sewer Camera

Can We Find the Sewer Leak?! – Isolation Test AND Sewer Camera

Today I’m in Dallas doing a sewer isolation test. There’s a customer who has a sewer leak somewhere and we nee to find it. But before we can close in on the exact spot of the leak, we need to test the cleanouts to make sure they’re holding.

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Thanks for watching! I’m Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, The Expert Plumber and welcome to my channel. On this channel I teach homeowners how to save money on their plumbing by doing DIY plumbing projects. I also teach plumbers and plumbing company owners how to be the best plumbers in their area and run successful plumbing businesses. My goal is teach you everything you need to know about plumbing.

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