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Can Coaching Help Me Feel Calm If I Experience Anxiousness Or Depression

Anxiousness is worrying too much about something that had happened or about something that is uncertain, while depression is a feeling of deep sadness that persistently disturbs a person. Now, are you feeling anxious or depressed? In this episode, I am going to answer the question, can coaching help you feel calm if you experience anxiousness or depression?

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Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:38 What Can We Do First
01:04 What Does Health Mean
01:22 What Is The Focus Of Clinical Psychotherapy
02:02 Why Is There An Overlap In The Middle Of The Spectrum
03:06 Where Do Most Effective Coaching Models Are Based
03:28 What Are Circumstances And Its Important Coaching Idea
04:09 What Does Circumstances Are Neutral Mean
05:11 Where To Go To After Our Circumstances
05:25 What Leads To Our Feelings
05:55 How Can Our Thoughts Affect Our Feelings
06:47 What Is Created By What We Think About
07:25 What Is In The Self-Coaching Model Of Brooke Castillo
08:19 How Can We Change How We Feel
08:29 What Is Metacognition
09:16 Why Do We Need Someone To Coach Us
09:41 What Coaching Can Give Us
09:57 How To Get A Coach

Watch and Enjoy!
Dr. Paul Jenkins

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