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Building on an Island EP1

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On this episode of Building on an Island, Wade will demolish an existing home, making way for a new custom build. Remember though, since he’s on an island, you can bet on plenty of challenges, such as weather, logistics, ferries, planes, delivery coordination, subcontractors, and getting materials and labor over to the island to get working.

This home featured here has been on the property for about 35 years. After trying to salvage, it was determined that it would need to come down due to its poor structural condition. And so, demolition began. After a quick hour or so, nothing remains of the home, but the work has just begun. Wade chats with his project manager, Dan who has been building on the island for many years to chat about some of the issues many companies are encountering these days.

First challenge they face: dumpsters can’t leave the island, so they’ve already lost a week of work. Once all the wreckage is loaded up though, Wade will take us through the actual excavation, as well as give as an inside look at how concrete is manufactured on the island since concrete trucks can’t take the ferry over. Stay tuned for next week’s episode.

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