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Brazil: Free the nipple performance artists challenge gender norms *EXPLICIT*

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Performance artists from the creative network Desvio Coletivo walked through the streets of Sao Paolo on Sunday wearing garments exposing only their nipples.

Both male and female participants could be seen dressed in long, colourful gowns that covered the face, featuring cut-out chest areas to expose their breasts and nipples.

The activists and artists seek to bring attention to sexism surrounding women’s bodies, nudity, and the double-standard towards the vulgarity of nipples.

SOT, Maria de Lourdes, Artist participating (Portuguese): “Participating in this performance is a feeling of covering my body and letting the exhibition show a part that I cannot show, and I wonder why a man can go out, take off his shirt and I can’t have this freedom, why can’t women? Who said this, who wrote this? Who invented it? And how long will we have to cover our bodies because it suits society.”

SOT, Jessica, Artist (Portuguese): “An action like this works as a permission for my own body. My nudity is only allowed when it’s to sell a product, it is usually a product focused on the male audience, so at Carnival, my nudity is allowed, in the sale of alcoholic beverages. So I have to change that.”

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