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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo locals get vaccinated as fourth wave looms

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During the fourth COVID pandemic wave, Sarajevo residents vaccinated themselves on Monday in the face of rising numbers of infected and dead.
Residents were seen entering and leaving a hospital, as well as being vaccinated by doctors. Some gave their views in interviews.
The total number of people vaccinated with two doses in Bosnia and Herzegovina was only about 20 percent, the lowest in the region and among the lowest in Europe.

SOT, Jasmin, Local (Bosnian): “I came because I believe the vaccine works. Second, I have seen a negative effect of coronavirus on society. I saw the effect of that disease on the relatives who overcame COVID disease.”

SOT, Asja, Local (Bosnian): “Because of the protection of my family and my environment, I decided to get vaccinated. This is my second dose. Especially since I was on a trip recently and saw how important it is and how aware people in the world are.”

SOT, Ednan Drljevic, Doctor (Bosnian): “We have always been behind the surrounding countries where there is an increasing number of patients. There are a lot of patients in intensive care there and that worries us. We will certainly not have the same number of patients as in the last, third wave.”

SOT, Ednan Drljevic, Doctor (Bosnian): “We expect an increase. It is difficult to predict what percentage of this deterioration will occur. But it will surely get worse.”

SOT, Arman Sarkic, Spokesperson for Sarajevo Canton Health Center (Bosnian): “We in Sarajevo Canton can be satisfied. About 50 percent of the population is vaccinated here. Compared to the rest of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have a higher percentage of vaccinated persons. Our wish is to have two thirds of those vaccinated. Then we will gain collective immunity.”

SOT, Nermin, Local resident (Bosnian): “In the beginning, the (state) did nothing, but the situation is a little better. People need to decide to get vaccinated.”

SOT, Haris, Local resident (Bosnian): “I am generally not satisfied. From the system, triage, distribution of vaccinations and everything else. It could have been a lot better.”

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