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BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA 2022: Latest bio-pharmaceutical technologies showcased in global exhibition

제약·바이오 트렌드 한눈에…‘바이오플러스-인터펙스 코리아 2022’ 개최

For those of you… interested in… getting a glimpse… of the most recent advances… on the bio-pharmaceutical front… my colleague… Lee Rae-hyun has just… the event… in mind.
Do take a look.
This is a temperature-controlled box called “Greenie-Medi.”
It has been used in 63 percent of South Korea’s COVID-19 vaccine transportation.
In fact, all Pfizer vaccines imported to Korea were transported by this box… as it’s the only one that meets the requirements of being stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius.

“The Greenie-Medi box allows low-temperature refrigeration and ultracold storage for up to 120 hours. It’s not just packaging, as we also guarantee the required temperature throughout the whole process of transportation.”

Cutting-edge pharmaceutical technologies are now all on display in one place… BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA 2022.

“The BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA 2022 is being held in-person for the first time in three years due to the pandemic. 200 companies from 12 countries will take part in the three-day event to introduce the latest bio-medical products and digital health care technologies.”

There’s also the latest equipment used for what’s called “cell culture”… which is the process of growing microorganisms in the laboratory and can be used when diagnosing infections and testing new drugs.
Cell samples can now be collected and analyzed automatically.

“Major domestic pharmaceutical companies are using this equipment. It allows the automatic sampling of cell cultures to analyze the result and control the whole experiment.”

In the opening ceremony, the Vice Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy reiterated South Korea’s position as one of the runners of the global bio industry.

“The number of Korean companies that took part in 2022 BIO USA, the world’s biggest bio event, ranked second following the U.S., while overseas investment to Korea’s companies increased 15 percent last year compared to 2016 when it was around 300 million U.S. dollars.”

He also added that the government aims to abolish unnecessary regulations and encourage private-led growth… to boost the country’s bio industry.
Lee Rae-hyun, Arirang News.

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