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Billionaire Influencer Arrested And Exposed For Faking His Wealth

Billionaire Influencer Arrested And Exposed For Faking His Wealth
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You know the saying don’t believe everything you see on the internet? Well it seems two million plus bought into the idea that this influencer was worth billions, or at the very least, had a substantial amount of wealth. Now I will say, given the fact that Raymond Abbas, better known as Hushpuppi on instagram was usually seen posing beside Rolls Royces, private jets, and even did cash giveaways, well it wouldn’t take much for someone to buy into the idea he’s wealthy. However it turns out, aside from the large following he was able to grow by fooling followers into thinking he was someone he’s not, Abbas was also part of an even bigger cyber scam worth allegedly 350 million pounds. Earlier this month, Abbas was arrested in his Dubai home after agents stormed in, seizing cash and assets as well. We’re gonna tell you guys all about it right now on iO.

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