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Austria: Ceremony in Vienna honours victims of terror attack 1 year on

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Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and Interior Minister Karl Nehammer attended a memorial service commemorating the victims of last year’s terror attack, in Vienna on Tuesday.
Schallenberg also honoured police officers, and members of the government visited the inner city area where the crimes took place exactly one year ago.
On 2 November 2020, an IS sympathiser killed four people and injured 20 in downtown Vienna before being shot dead by police.

SOT, Karl Nehammer, Austrian Minister of the Interior (German): “Just the night of the terror proved that we in Austria are one. Whoever attacks one of us attacks us all – and at the same time we all help together. And yes, an Austrian citizen with a migration background is just as much a part of the helpers as the representatives of the blue light organisations and, of course, the police officers in the various police units.”

SOT, Alexander Schallenberg, Austrian Federal Chancellor (German): “Dear relatives of the victims, dear police officers, one year ago today, when the first emergency call was received at 8 pm and 48 seconds, one of the largest and most dangerous operations of our colleagues began. At 8 pm nine minutes 42 seconds – that is, not even 9 minutes later – the report came in that the attacker had been stopped.”

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