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Austria: Anti COVID-vaxxers scuffle with police in Vienna during rally against vaccination mandate

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Anti COVID-vaxxers gathered on the streets of Vienna on Thursday to protest against the vote on a national coronavirus vaccination mandate in the National Council.
Demonstrators marched and held signs. During scuffles and confrontations with police officers, some protesters had to be forcibly brought away.
According to police estimates, around 200 people gathered on the streets in central Vienna before being quickly dispersed.
The decision on a vaccination mandate – aimed at protecting the healthcare system – is considered a mere formality since a simple majority of the governing parties, OVP and Greens, is sufficient and a majority of the opposition approves of it. Only the right-wing party FPO stands against the measure.
The law will apply to everyone except for pregnant women and people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. Those who have recovered from a coronavirus infection are exempt from the rule for 180 days after taking a positive PCR test. Citizens who refuse to get vaccinated will face eventual penalties of between €600 ($681) and €3,600 ($4,000).

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