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ASK This Old House | Dishwasher Retrofit, Rolling Pin (S19 E23) FULL EPISODE

Richard and Nathan retrofit a new dishwasher into an old kitchen; Jenn explains the uses and purposes for different types of mulch; Tom and Kevin turn a French rolling pin.

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Richard Trethewey and Nathan Gilbert help a homeowner retrofit a new dishwasher into an old kitchen by adjusting the counter and cabinets; Jenn Nawada explains the uses and purposes for different types of mulch and demonstrates how to spread it in a garden; Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor turn a French-style rolling pin with an ornate detail in the center using a lathe.

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Where to find it?
Installing a Dishwasher in an Old Kitchen
Richard installed a 55 dBA in Stainless Steel Front Control Built-In Dishwasher with Steam Clean [] by GE Appliances []. To connect the dishwasher, Richard used a standard dishwasher hose, a Y tailpiece for the drain, and a push connect shutoff valve, all of which can be found at home centers and plumbing supply houses.

To adjust the cabinets to make room for the dishwasher, Nathan used a variety of tools, including a circular saw and a reciprocating saw, that can be found at most home centers.

To bridge the gap between the formica countertops and the sink, Richard actually re-used an old piece of butcher block [] that he salvaged from the Newton Generation NEXT House [], but butcher block can also be found at most centers.

All About Mulch
Jenn had a variety of different mulch [] types on the table that can all be found at most home centers and nurseries, though you’re more likely to find organic mulch at nurseries and garden centers.

Build It | French Rolling Pin
Tom used a REVO 12|16 110V lathe [], which is manufactured by Laguna Tools []. The tools Tom used to actually turn the rolling pin can be found at any specialty woodworking store.

To create the custom piece of wood for turning, Tom used leftover pieces of mahogany and maple that he had from other projects, but that lumber can be found at most home centers and woodworking stores. To cut the in-lays and secure it all together, Tom used a Kapex KS120 sliding compound miter saw [] by Festool [] and some wood glue [] from Gorilla Glue [].

To finish the rolling pin, Tom and Kevin applied Odie’s Oil [].

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ASK This Old House | Dishwasher Retrofit, Rolling Pin (S19 E23) FULL EPISODE


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