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Are We Charging Enough for Water? Real Plumber Explains

Are We Charging Enough for Water? Real Plumber Explains – Learning the BASICS of Plumbing

How much do you think 1 gallon of water costs in your area? I can bet your number is going to be WAY over the actual amount. I asked my team and their guesses were ONE THOUSAND times more than it really is in our area. In my opinion, water is way too cheap and people are using it like crazy! It’s no secret that water is a precious commodity. While most people know they should be conserving as much water as possible, few understand what they can do around the house to actually conserve water! In this video, we take a look at some of the hidden costs of water and explain why your water bill SHOULD be more expensive.

The Plumbing Basics playlist is made for plumbers and homeowners who are wanting to learn things that are considered basic knowledge in plumbing. This playlist is plumbing 101 for whoever wants to learn it.

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Thanks for watching! I’m Roger Wakefield, The Expert Plumber, and welcome to my channel. On this channel, it’s ALL about plumbing. We play games, we experiment, and we have FUN here, talking and learning about all things plumbing!

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