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An Approach to Female Infertility

A discussion of the causes and evaluation of female infertility. The accompanying video on an approach to male infertility will be posted Jan 9.

A quick point of clarification on terminology: In this video, I predominantly use the word, female, and on a few occasions, woman, to refer to an individual with a uterus and ovaries who desires to become pregnant. I acknowledge that not all such individuals identify as a woman, and I mean no disrespect towards those who are transgender or gender non-conforming. For a discussion of the terminology regarding sex and gender, please consider checking out my video on The Diversity of Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation here:

0:00 Introduction
4:29 Overview of normal reproductive physiology and anatomy
11:44 Causes of female infertility
18:39 Evaluation of a patient with infertility
25:36 Summary

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