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American Dollar is inflated in value

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American Dollar is inflated in value (Full interview)
Professor Steven Keen:
“… There’s a demand for American Dollars over and above the need to buy american goods and therefore the American Dollar is inflated in value and what that means is that the outputs of America are more expensive than they need to be which undermines the manufacturing sector.
So those that are sets of enormous imbalances in the global monetary system and it would actually be better to break away from a single currency so i think this would actually you know – even it has not meant to benefit the whole world – the fact that have more than one currency is a step towards having a multiple currency system where no one country dominates and we lose this madness we’ve had since 1944 after Bretton Woods, of a national currency being used for international trade.”

Prof Steve Keen
Video link From Bangkok, Thailand
Australian economist and author
Honorary Research fellow at University College London His patreon:

First broadcast on Monday 2 May 2022
Watch the whole debate:


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