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Actors Who Pushed Their Bodies To The Limit

Crazy lengths Actors have gone to for the role.
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People often think that being an actor is a cushy job. Some actors even say it about their own profession. Acting is often considered “easy”, and it’s not uncommon to hear people call them overpaid, lazy, or flat out un-talented. But we disagree. More often than not, actors are mind-bogglingly talented and deserve everything they earn because of what they put themselves to. Not only is it mentally challenging, but there’s even occasions where they push their bodies to the limit as well.

In this video, we’ll dissect how far some of Hollywood’s elite are willing to go for their craft. We’ll talk about how much work goes into it, off screen and off set, often times spending months or years getting prepared to play a role. We’ll also talk about the evolution of appearance in films, and how important someone’s physical appearance is to a role. Finally, we’ll get into the explosions and car chases, and talk about the physical limits that movies often require and how insane it can all be.

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