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5 Tips the Feminine Hygiene Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know!

First of all, vaginal cleansing products are not like hair products (although just as expensive). More is not better. A woman only needs to clean her vagina with warm water. Yes, warm water. Many women may not realize that the vagina has a very acidic environment, which naturally protects against bacteria. Adding chemicals, including anti-bacterial soaps, alters the normal eco-system and can allow growth of bacteria and yeast.

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00:00 Introduction
00:23 Tip #1 You don’t need to wash your vagina
00:50 How to properly wash your vagina
01:44 Smegma
01:56 Tip #2 You don’t have to smell like a fruit
02:27 Various smells of the vagina
02:44 See your doctor if:
02:55 Discharge
03:09 Tip #3 Be careful of the products you use in your vagina
03:19 PH in your vagina
03:52 Douching
04:14 Tip #4 Wear cotton underwear
04:42 How to wash your underwear
04:52 Tip #5 Change out of wet clothes immediately
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