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5 MCU Movies You Should Rewatch And 5 You Should Skip

Which Marvel movies you should rewatch during quaratine.
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So, we’re all trapped inside and looking for something to do. Should you finally take up the guitar? Learn Dutch, like you promised your Oma? Who are we kidding, we need time to relax and watch some of our favourite movies. A series marathon sounds good right about now, doesn’t it? Maybe a series with A LOT of movies, to help pass the time?

You already know that we’re talking about the MCU, everybody’s favourite franchise. But with 23 films to get through, there might be a couple you can skip. Movies that don’t contribute to the overarching story, or worse, movies that are just plain boring.

We’ve got flat origin stories, disappointing sequels, plus all the essential movies that you can’t miss. So what makes a movie worthy of rewatching? There’s plenty of factors. Does the movie introduce new characters? Does it tease or start a new storyline? Does it plant set ups that lead to satisfying payoffs later on? And most importantly, is it a good movie on it’s own merits?

In Phase One, it felt like every film was building up to the Avengers, but they each remained satisfying, standalone stories. In Phase Two, things got more complicated, as the movies were continually setting up future films within their own stories. In Phase Three, this process became even more intense. Now, after Endgame, we have more perspective. Were all these set ups worth it? After a few short years, which of the MCU films have truly stood the test of time?

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