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5 Best And 5 Worst Things In Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is full of thrills, friendship, and lots of high-speed action, but as it dashes through its rapid-fire plot, it does stumble on occasion. Do the highs outweigh the lows? Hold on tight as we run through the five best and five worst things about Sonic the Hedgehog.

Despite not having any kids of his own, Tom can’t help but radiate some major dad vibes, thanks not in small part to some truly cringeworthy puns. At one point, when Sonic laments that he has to leave Earth to go live on a planet made up entirely of giant mushrooms, Tom quips, “at least you won’t be the only fun guy!” Between his bad jokes, his tendency to play out full conversations with his donuts, and his fatherly protectiveness of Sonic, Tom really is the best friend an alien hedgehog could wish for, and he brings a refreshing, nurturing energy to the film.

Watch the video to see the 5 best and 5 worst things in Sonic the Hedgehog!

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Best: Tom’s dad vibe | 0:15
Worst: Maddie’s weirdly hostile sister | 1:18
Best: Sonic’s Quicksilver moments | 2:21
Worst: Hipster discrimination | 3:10
Best: Sonic’s new shoes | 4:16
Worst: Disproportionate conflict | 5:20
Best: Jim Carrey | 6:31
Worst: Also Jim Carrey | 7:48
Best: Finding family | 8:56
Worst: Nonsensical ending | 9:59


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