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5 Activities to Help Prevent Torticollis #shorts

Torticollis occurs when a baby’s neck muscles become stiff or tight, causing their head to tilt to one side. Fortunately, there are activities that can help prevent torticollis:

🔙 Lean Back: Place baby over your chest with their head over one shoulder. Lean back slowly so baby is on an incline and has to gradually keep their head lifted up. Be sure to switch sides!

⏱️ Tummy Time Tilt: When baby is on tummy, place your hands on their chest and slowly tilt baby from one side to the other. Baby will turn their head in the opposite direction of the tilt, strengthening both sides of their neck muscles.

🧸 Toy Tracks: Get baby’s favorite toy and bring it into their view. Once baby is focused on the toy, slowly move it from side to side. Holding the toy at chest level about 10-12 inches from baby gets the best visual, head, and neck response.

🗣️ Side Chats: Lie baby down and talk to them from the left and right sides. Be sure to move slowly enough so baby can track your face from one side to the other.

😴 Sleeping Direction: Change the direction baby lies while sleeping. One night place their head on the right side of the crib, then switch to the left for the next night! Repeat. Don’t forget to always place baby on their back to sleep.

Watch to learn more, and check out additional information on torticollis here: https://pathways.org/watch/what-is-torticollis/

📹 Torticollis and the Importance of Tummy Time: https://youtu.be/256SLL40v_Y

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