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33 Weeks Pregnant – My Pregnancy Week by Week | CloudMom

You’re 33 weeks pregnant and feeling it, right?! My delivery bag checklist for hospital stay essentials, decreased fetal movement and more this week.

00:00 Introduction
00:15 My Update: Premature Birth at 30 Weeks
00:29 Baby Growth & Size at 33 Weeks
00:40 Decreased Fetal Movement
00:52 Stages of Fetal Development at 33 Weeks
01:13 Pregnancy Delivery Bag Checklist!
01:23 Travel Documents
01:41 Clothing Essentials for You
02:32 Clothing Essentials for Baby
03:11 Toiletry Basics
03:50 Gadgets and Electronics
04:15 Week by Week Pregnancy Food Guide: Healthy Foods for You & Baby
05:02 Week 33 Pregnancy Checklist

Hey, pregnant moms and dads-to-be! Welcome to your 33rd week of pregnancy! Have you started counting down the days yet? I actually gave birth to my baby Bracey prematurely at only 30 weeks of pregnancy. Read all about my baby’s premature birth and first few weeks in my Baby’s First Year series. Despite the fact that I’m no longer pregnant, I’m taking advantage of some long days in the NICU (Bracey’s been here now for over two weeks and we’ve likely got another month to go) to continue developing this series so as to guide you along, hopefully to full term! If you’re feeling anxious, just know that the clouds and rain will give way soon to sunny skies. You’re almost there! Let’s hop straight into your 33rd week of pregnancy.


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