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32 Weeks Pregnant – My Pregnancy Week by Week | CloudMom

You’re 32 weeks pregnant, mama! I discuss nesting while pregnant, fetal weight gain, and the controversial question: is circumcision good or bad?

00:00 Introduction
00:19 My Update—Premature Birth at 30 Weeks
00:54 Baby Growth & Size at 32 Weeks
01:05 Stages of Fetal Development at 32 Weeks
01:26 Fun Fact About Pregnancy
01:48 32 Weeks Pregnant: Common Symptoms
02:02 Week by Week Pregnancy Food Guide: Healthy Foods for You & Baby
02:49 Your Pregnancy at 32 Weeks: Prenatal Appointments
03:04 What to Expect at your Prenatal Appointments
04:07 Week 32 Pregnancy Checklist
04:40 Tip: Helping Hands!

Howdy, pregnant mommas and daddies-to-be! As I mentioned in Week 31 last week, I am no longer pregnant! A week and a half ago, I gave birth prematurely to my sixth baby Bracey at only 30 weeks of pregnancy. Learn more about Bracey’s premature birth and first weeks in my Baby Month to Month series. Bracey’s currently in an incubator in the NICU, which has been a blessing and an ordeal, but thankfully, he’s doing great.

While taking care of my new little guy (and he is indeed little, since he weighed only 3.3 pounds at birth), I’m finishing up this series, standing alongside you until you give birth. I’m tapping into my experiences during my first five pregnancies as well as up-to-date research to serve up all the advice and information you need.

How are you doing mentally and physically? Feel free to DM me on Instagram or Facebook if you need to talk through any of your struggles. Without further ado, let’s dive right into your 32nd week of pregnancy.


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