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24/7 Service – LIVE

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Today is a special day! Today I am pleased to have ______, with us, to discuss one of the best 24/7 water heater services out there. We will be going over the benefits of having this availability on hand, the possibilities of how fast a service call can be done, and why you would need it.

Plumbing Live Q&A With Roger Wakefield… That’s me. If you want to learn plumbing by receiving the best information, If you believe your opinion matters and you want it to be heard, If you really have a love for getting into and better at the trades, and if you want to have a freaking awesome time learning and contributing… I think you will like your options here where the information and facts = the data that you need.

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Thanks for watching! I’m Roger Wakefield, The Expert Plumber, and welcome to my channel. On this channel, it’s ALL about plumbing. We play games, we experiment, and we have FUN here, talking and learning about all things plumbing!

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