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#221 – Peace or War in the Saudi Arabia and Iran deal? | Trump really the only one who can halt t…

In this episode of MOATS, George Galloway dissects the slo-mo attempt to murder Pakistan’s rightful leader Imran Khan. President Biden threatens war with Russia and China meanwhile the UK doesn’t have enough troops to defend its own borders let alone fight Nato’s wars. With reflection on the Iraq War 20 years on, debate over the ripple effects on the fall of SVB and how the Dutch farmers ploughing up the political system in the Netherlands prove small parties can become big and big parties can become small.


Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi: Professor of English Literature and Orientalism at the University of Tehran on the Saudi Arabia and Iran peace deal that could either unite or destroy the holy lands


Bryce Greene: Political Commentator and Freelance Journalist on the Nord Stream redux and how the US Empire views itself as the saviour of the Middle East according to Government officials


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