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10 Deadpool Powers That Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

A look at Deadpool’s abilities and superpowers.
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Welcome back, you gorgeous ScreenRanters! Deadpool is pretty dope. He has a cool nickname, Merc With A Mouth. He has an alliterated name, Wade Wilson. Also, an alliterated named actor portraying him, Ryan Reynolds. He’s also the biggest adult superhero film character at the moment. With Wade’s MCU debut imminent, we wanted to take a long, hard look at Deadpool’s powers, abilities, items, and equipment. So, we made this video. We’re going to examine some of the powers you may not know DP has up his sleeve. Most of which is thanks to Weapon X and Wolverine. As well as Hugh Jackson…kinda. We’ve used both the Marvel comics and the films, Deadpool and Deadpool Two! And the abomination, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
So, now the spoiler section. If you don’t want to have the glorious content spoiled, then you should go ahead and watch the fab video a couple of times at least. So, we’ll examine his immortality for a time. While he has a healing factor, this one is slightly different due to Thanos. We also have all the factors he has an immunity to. One of which is to telepathic attacks. The other MIGHT be chemicals. Briefly, he also had the ability of teleportation to gain the upper hand in battle. DP has many superhuman abilities. Such as super strength, speed, reflexes, durability, stamina, and others!


Entry 1 – Immortality
Entry 2 – Telepathic Immunity
Entry 3 – Superhuman Durability/Stamina
Entry 4 – High Resistance To Chemicals
Entry 5 – Superhuman Reflexes/Agility
Entry 6 – Superhuman Strength
Entry 7 – Disease Immunity
Entry 8 – Superhuman Speed
Entry 9 – Teleportation
Entry 10 – Fourth-Wall Breaking

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